French Cuisine

Entrées / Starters


Soufflé au fromage - R35
(Emmental Cheese Soufflé served in a ramequin)


Soupe à l’onion - R35

(Onion soup served with toasted baguette and emmental cheese)


Terrine de courgettes et d’épinards - R30
(Zuccini and spinach terrine served on bed of lettuce with homemade mayonnaise)

Plats / Mains


Bœuf bourguignon - R120
(Beef fillet cooked in red wine with carrot and mushrooms and served butter and parsley potatoes)


Gratin Savoyard - R75
(Layered potatoes and cheese baked in cream and garlic served with a green salad dressed in vinaigrette)


Plats d’accompagnement / Side Dishes

Ratatouille (side dish) - R25
Classic French Provençal stewed vegetables


Mousse au chocolat - R35
Chocolate mousse made with +70% cocoa and served with an orange and cardamom biscuit

Crème caramel - R30
Classic milk and egg pudding on a bed of caramel


Viennese Wonder
Gluten-free carrot and almond cake iced with crème fraiche and orange zest
R50 (full portion) / R30 (half portion)


Crème glacée à la vanilla accompagné d’un caramel au beurre salé  - R45
(Homemade vanilla ice-cream served with homemade Brest salted caramel sauce)

Boissons / Drinks

Tea / Coffee

Bottled Still / Sparkling water

Assortment of Cool Drinks

Bring own alcoholic beverages