March 2019

from 19:00

* Bring own alcoholic beverages * Credit card facilities available

* Booking essential 082 923 6053 (15 Summerton Drive)




Pâté de campagne à la Bretonne R60

 (Slice of tasty homemade French-style farmhouse pâté made with Eastern Cape warthog and pork, accompanied with a dollop of homemade mayonnaise, gherkins and served with toasts and a green salad dressed with homemade vinaigrette)


Blue Cheese and Vegetable Quiche R55

(Quiche made with blue cheese and veggies in season served on a bed of dressed lettuce)


Vegan Borlotti Bean and Oven-Roasted Tomato Salad R45

(A salad of Borlotti beans, oven-roasted tomatoes, fresh rocket and basil, dressed with homemade vinaigrette and served with toasts)


Mulligatawny Soup R60

(Chicken, curry and cream soup made with carrot, green beans and apples)



Lamb Curry R140

(Flavourful tomato-based lamb curry served with Persian basmati rice and dhal)


Ostrich Fillet with Orange Sweet Potato Chips & Stuffed Bell Peppers R140

(Ostrich fillet dressed with a wine reduction served with crispy orange sweet potato chips and stuffed red bell peppers)


Mulligatawny Soup R100

(Curried chicken and cream soup made with carrot, green beans and apples)


Chicken Casserole à la Normande R140

(Brandy-flambéed chicken cooked with cider, cream, shallots, garlic and herbs, served with apple wedges and gratin Savoyard)


Gratin Savoyard & Red Bell Peppers filled with Cheese soufflé R110

(Layered potatoes and cheese baked in cream and garlic served with red bell peppers filled with cheese soufflé)


Vegan Mushroom & Cauliflower Shepherd’s Pie R100

(Tasty mushroom and cauliflower Shepherd’s Pie made with carrots, wine and herbs, served with a side of roasted vegetables)



Mountain Table Salad R40 (Starter/Side)/R80 (Main)

(Chef’s choice of fresh salad made with green leaves, garden herbs and many other ingredients in season, dressed with homemade vinaigrette)



Plum Sorbet R40

(Sorbet made with Hogsback plums)


Raspberry Sorbet R40

(Sorbet made with fresh raspberries)


Tarte Tatin Served with Ice-Cream R60

(Authentic French upside-down apple tart served with homemade ice-cream)


Omelette Norvégienne R60

(Homemade baked Alaska in Swiss meringue flambéed with brandy & Cointreau)